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No one equals our transhipment and clearance procedures!  Why? We have a wide network of agencies situated worldwide and through close communication ties, we can advice you on Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of your shipment and have all paperwork prepared in advanced so that they obtain clearance soon after they reached the ports.
With our heritage in transhipment and clearance, we have developed a seamless and efficient process for shipment clearance and reloading onto another vessel.  We provide one of the most competitive rates for outgoing freights and we help to ensure the shortest lead time to direct shipment overseas.
This means a faster arrival of your shipment at the most cost effective means.
Inland Transportation Services
We have a fleet of vehicles to perform inland transportation of your goods from the port to the destination specified.
Nowhere to store your goods?  We offer competitive storage rates for you to store your goods in our warehouse.
International Freight
Enjoy one stop service solutions with Firstar regardless of air or sea shipment.  We have a strong and reliable networks of agenceis to help you.
Goods Transhipment and Clearance
Our goods transhipment and clearance allows quick clearance of your shipment or reloading onto another vessel.

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