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We specialize in a wide range of cargo types from general cargo, mobile electronics to class 2 or 3 chemicals. Call us to now to make enquiries about your cargoes.
The followings are some examples of goods we have handled:
Antique Furniture Carpet Class 2 & 3 Chemicals
Crystalwares Cosmetics Engineering Supplies
Electronics Footwear Furniture
Glassware Hardware Home Care Products
Man and Lady Apparels Medical supplies Mobile Electronic Devices
Inland Transportation Services
We have a fleet of vehicles to perform inland transportation of your goods from the port to the destination specified.
Nowhere to store your goods?  We offer competitive storage rates for you to store your goods in our warehouse.
International Freight
Enjoy one stop service solutions with Firstar regardless of air or sea shipment.  We have a strong and reliable networks of agenceis to help you.
Goods Transhipment and Clearance
Our goods transhipment and clearance allows quick clearance of your shipment or reloading onto another vessel.

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