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Firstar agencies icon Our Agencies
We have a wide network of agencies situated worldwide.  They will ensure that your shipments gain clearance quickly and efficiently and provide assistance to those who operates as middleman trading companies by either a Transhipment via Singaporean port or otherwise through cross trade with the shipment direct from origin to destination without via Singapore. 
 You may find our agencies in the following countries:
  Region Country   City
  Asia   China   Shanghai
    Hong Kong  
    Indonesia   Jakarta
    India   New Delhi
    Philippines   Manila
    Sri Lanka   Colombo
    Myanmmar   Yangon 
  Cambodia   Phnom Penh
    Taiwan   Taipei
      Kao Hsiung
    Thailand   Bangkok
    Vietnam   Ho Chi Minh
    West Malaysia   Johore
  America     USA   New York 
  Europe   United Kingdom   London
    West Germany   Hamburg
  Oceania   Australia   Sydney
Inland Transportation Services
We have a fleet of vehicles to perform inland transportation of your goods from the port to the destination specified.
Nowhere to store your goods?  We offer competitive storage rates for you to store your goods in our warehouse.
International Freight
Enjoy one stop service solutions with Firstar regardless of air or sea shipment.  We have a strong and reliable networks of agenceis to help you.
Goods Transhipment and Clearance
Our goods transhipment and clearance allows quick clearance of your shipment or reloading onto another vessel.

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